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I'm humbled and thrilled that you're here!  I already mentioned that I love journaling, so buckle your seatbelt ... you're in for a crazy, messy ride!  Remember, we're all perfectly imperfect

Welcome, welcome ...

Let’s face it. There’s no manual for how to show up for someone who’s grieving. While a comfortable wish, this simply isn’t the case. Grief is messy and complicated, as well as downright uncomfortable to sit in. And the tendency to want to avoid the pain associated with grief is human and understandable. At the […]

After experiencing a significant loss, have you ever asked the question: “What happens when my friendships die too?” Friend, I’ve always considered myself to be an extrovert … that is until I hit my mid-30s. At any rate, anyone who’s known me over the years would describe me as an outgoing person. As part of […]

Have you ever considered the impact of grief on relationships in your life? Remember being a kid and pinky swearing? Sometimes, it represented a guarantee of secrecy between friends. The pinky swear not only signified togetherness in the moment, but also a forever bond. While I often equated this to childhood, as an adult, I […]

2020 has been a year filled with hits that won’t quit, right? COVID-19. Business and school closures. Job furloughs and losses for some. Racial and social unrest. Political upheaval. Community death. Personal loss. And on top of this, the very thing we’re wired for — namely, social connection — is the one thing we’ve needed […]

One question I’ve asked myself often this year is: “Mekel, are you loving well in the midst of stress?” And quite frankly, depending on the day, the answer might be a resounding ‘no.’ Love is patient. Love is kind. It is not easily angry and keeps no record of past mistakes. You may be familiar […]