I'm Dr. Mekel Harris, a licensed psychologist with a long-standing career in mental health.  More importantly, I'm a perfectly imperfect woman who understands the value of focusing on holistic well-being!

Are you struggling to juggle all of life's balls ... sometimes, curve balls?  Trust me, I get it!  Let's work together to help regain your sense of power across all areas of living ...

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Chronic stress, grief, and ongoing life challenges can make is difficult to maintain relationship with God and self.  Learn daily practices for spiritual and self-growth ...


Navigating life transitions, including loss, is no easy feat for anyone!  Explore ways to exercise your leadership skills one small step at a time ...


Seeking, maintaining, and thriving in the relationship arena can be complicated, right?  Learn a few tools for growing this part of your life, even in the midst of change ...


Did you know that chronic stress and grief can interfere with your daily lifestyle? Yep, that's right!  Join me in learning creative ways to combat the effects of stress, day-by-day ...


When I’m not speaking, blogging, or working with clients, I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends, journaling in my backyard, sipping a Chai tea latte or hazelnut coffee, and enjoying long walks in the park with my Beagle.  Can I share one more thing?  I also love working in my yard!

You may also know me as the author of the memoir, Relaxing Into the Pain: My Journey Into Grief & Beyond.

I have more than 20 years of experience helping others navigate, as well as thrive, in the midst of life's imperfect moments.

Hi! I'm Dr. Mekel Harris!

The book, published in summer 2016, is a series of reflections on moments experienced from the day I received the news of her Stage IV cancer diagnosis to years after she died.  It’s a heartfelt expression of the emotional, physical, and spiritual highs and lows I faced (and continue to face) along grief’s unpredictable path.

I wrote Relaxing Into the Pain: My Journey Into Grief & Beyond to share my grief journey following the death of my beloved mother, Patricia Anne Harris, in December 2012.

The Book

Throughout the past decade, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking in front of groups and corporate audiences around the globe, as well as publishing articles on various mental health topics.  


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