In case you're thinking I don't get it, let me share a few less than perfect moments ...

In 2013, I was positioned to give a talk to a 500-person audience.  And no one but God knew that the night before, I was curled up in a fetal position on a hotel floor, gripped by fear and grief.

Even as I traveled around the world delivering talks on grief and loss, coping with stress, and resilience, I had my therapist on speed dial, clinging to every sliver of advice ... just to make it through the day. 

From the outside looking in, I "had it all together," though I felt like I was barely keeping it together.  And sleep avoided me like the plague more often than not!

Read this carefully -- you are not alone.

It's me again ... Dr. Mekel, a perfectly imperfect woman trying to navigate life ... just like you!  The journey hasn't always been pretty, but it's been so worth it!

Hi, friend!

My mom died.  My love life fell apart.  My dad fell ill.  And my body, mind, and spirit wouldn't sync up.  Successful on the outside, I felt lonely and isolated on the inside.  Then I began to re-discover what really mattered in life. 

And I was pleasantly surprised by what I found ...

I had traveled up the steep mountain -- sleepless nights and a slew of sacrifices along the way, garnering a Ph.D., respect and admiration from others, and material wealth.  For all intents and purposes, I had it all.  Love.  Support of a caring family.  Career growth.  Wordly success.

Then everything came crashing down.

The transformation ...

As a woman in her mid-40’s, I’m also enjoying Sheri Salata’s “The Beautiful No.”  I’m all about life transformation -- what I like to call “butterfly moments
-- and Sheri’s story is just that.  I know this will be a book I continue to re-read in the future.

Sheri Salata’s “The Beautiful No

These days, I’m reading Marie Forleo’s “Everything is Figureoutable” -- love this!  Who else would I trust to jam along to, cry with along her recent tour, and celebrate success?  Marie is my girl, for sure!

Marie Forleo’s “Everything is Figureoutable

I'm currently reading ...

NKOTB, Backstreet Boys, Whitney Houston, MJ, and Prince - what else do you need?  I can't keep up with new songs because I'm too busy enjoying the 'oldies!'

And the 80’s - YES, YES, YES!

Elevation Worship's “The Blessing” is on repeat in my car right now!  And, Tasha Cobbs and Hillsong - O.M.Goodness!  Just lay me across the floor with a box of tissues, why don’t you?

Did I mention how much I LOVE gospel music?

I'm currently 
listening to...

“I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” and my Bible (gotta have my Word on me at all times!)

favorite books

“Dreams are not reality; dreams have the power to create the reality we are dreaming about; all we need is the courage to
believe in the power of dreams.” 
― Amar Ochani

Favorite quote

So far, Spain … Portugal is a very close second.

Favorite place to travel

Marie Forleo podcast - she’s amaze-balls!

Favorite podcast

Michelle Obama

Person I'd love to have dinner with

Sushi, all day every day! (Did I mention that I love sushi?)

What I'd Eat at that dinner

“Scarface” (Undercover gangsta here!)

Favorite Movie

Lawmakers to explore the need for changes to grief-bereavement leave (It sickens me that most jobs offer 3 days to soak in a death, bury a loved one, and cry a few moments before it’s time to return to work!)

Group I'd most like to speak in front of

A little more about me ...