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When Grief Holds Hands With Joy

  1. remy jcs says:

    i was in the middle of writing my own blog entry about simple joys & grief when i googled “holding hands with grief”, trying to recall a poem, but was lead here instead. grief & joy have never been opposites, have they? they are brother emotions, sitting side by side. we grieve because we experience joy, it’s only natural. i recall an interview where andrew garfield spoke about the loss of his mother saying “i hope this grief stays with me because it’s the unexpressed love that i never got to tell her”, & i hope this thanksgiving is gentler on your heart.

    • Mekel Harris says:

      Remy, thank you for your comment. I’ve come to welcome the ebbs and flows of grief, focusing on ways I can consistently be gentle with myself. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I know that whatever that may be, self-compassion will be there.

  2. Laura Urquizu says:

    Wonderful blog. Thank you for sharing your experience and wonderful news…congratulations again my friend. Sending love.

    • Mekel Harris says:

      Thanks so much, my friend! I appreciate your reading the blog, as well as sharing well wishes! Hugs to you!

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